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Efficient logistic capabilities are an important decision-making criterion for our customers when awarding contracts and a critical competitive advantage in the handling of projects beyond the local level. We are fully aware that providing logistic services of this kind, with our own fleet of vehicles and our own experienced crews, gives rise to enormous costs. However, our experience in recent years has shown that it is only with a huge service effort of this kind that we are able to meet the needs of our customers.

As the last links in our supply chain, the drivers of our trucks and transporters feel just as responsible for the quality and functionality of our products as do the staff of our Dispatch Department. In the course of the last few decades, we have established regular, scheduled delivery tours, enabling far-sighted advance planning arrangements to be made. Our personnel are able to inform themselves and make use of all scheduled and unscheduled delivery tours at any time.

We have tours to all major German cities at weekly intervals, and to the major cities of our European neighbours in a 2-weekly rhythm. This means we are able to deliver regularly to all customers lying along these routes.
By prior arrangement, we can naturally also deliver free building site as well as to your installation partners or other subcontractors. Especially for major national projects, we are therefore in the position to offer cost-free, highly efficient logistics.