Profile 6

Face illuminated letters (rimless)

Menden developed this letter profile almost 30 years ago. The permanently elastic adhesive bond between the acrylic face and the metal return is a patented formula. This adhesive is very important as it has been formulated to manage the different expansion rates of metal and acrylic. Not all of our competitors take this into account.

These letters are manufactured preferably from aluminium sheet. The backs are laser cut and the returns are formed using our CNC profiling centre. The PVC backs are typically white but can be painted any chosen colour.

Acrylic faces up to 12mm thick and a reflective coating to the inside of the letters ensure a crisp and even illumination.

Profile 6 is a very flexible product with many design options. The most cost effective solution is to chose one our coiled aluminium options. We have a huge volume of these pre painted coils in stock in a large number of colour and size variations.

Examples of profile 6

Face illuminated letters (rimless)

Rimless letters – variants


    The acrylic edge is milled as has a slight overhang to the return.


    Similar to profile 6 but the overhang is reduced. Can only be used on simple style letters.


    No milling as the acrylic is set within the letter returns flush to the front edge of the return. Can only be used on letters up to 600mm high.


    Similar to profile 6N but the acrylic is recessed behind the front edge of the return. Suitable for large letters.


    Our latest profile. The backs are removable and there are NO fixings on the letter returns. The mechanism to attach and remove the back without the need for fixings in the return is patented.

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Face illuminated letters (rimless) in 360°