Profile 9

Face illuminated letters with part illuminated returns

Profiles 7, 8 & 9 are visually, very similar. The main distinguishing feature of profile 9 is the part metal return which can be any percentage of the return depth desired.

The letter returns and backs are manufactured preferably from aluminium sheet. The backs are laser cut and spot welded to the returns for a permanent connection. The metal return has an inner platform for the acrylic face to sit on.

The manufacture of this letter variant requires many steps which are still carried out manually by experienced craftsman. We manufacture metal moulds for the creation of the formed acrylic returns, metal moulds are more complex to produce than wooden ones, but they cannot be beaten in terms of precision. The cooling process after the bending process is accelerated by the metal moulds. This faster cooling ensures a better fit.

Aluminium, stainless steel, brass or copper faces are also an option.

Depths from 40mm to 120mm.

This letter variant is intricate and a similar effect in a more cost effective solution can be achieved by using the multicoloured acrylic options in profile 7 or 8.

Examples of profile 9

Face illuminated letters with part illuminated returns

Click to open then click/hold the image and move your mouse

Face illuminated letters with part illuminated return in 360°