• About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.

  • About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.

  • About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.

  • About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.


Advertising structures are becoming increasingly complex

For logistical and economic reasons, our customers can no longer stock the machines, materials and personnel required for all their products and customers. As a subcontracting company we address this and offer valuable support: From qualified advice to production at the highest technical level.

We view ourselves as an extended workbench and thanks to many years of experience we have specialists for almost every field of expertise. This allows us to offer flexible and well thought-out solutions which keep our customers competitive.

Industry 4.0

Perfect craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology

Industry 4.0 is the term used to describe modern technology and production in the age of digital revolution. It not only describes the industrial development of new technologies, but also the changed world of work and production in the global age. Computerisation is taking on a more concrete form as part of Industry 4.0. Even traditional crafts such as those used in the illuminated advertising industry will become further digitised. Digitisation in the area of illuminated advertising is, however, limited due to the product structure. The production site of Menden Buchstaben GmbH & Co. KG was deliberately built in such a way as to allow digitisation and manual processes to go hand in hand: Wherever possible, digitised processes are woven into manual processes.

Individual, custom-made products still account for the majority of our production, with a share of almost 60% of sales. The integration of single-unit production into serial production processes continues to be the guarantee of success for our company.

All of our investments and process optimisations are aimed at bringing the competitiveness of our customers to the highest possible level in a highly competitive market.


Our services

The diversity of our production departments shows what is special about the craft of illuminated advertising. Our biggest challenge is the combination of such a high number of production areas and the parallel production of products in all these areas. The mark requires enormous flexibility with regard to production times and product developments. We meet these requirements and almost entirely keep the added value in our production areas. This makes us independent of subcontractors and suppliers.

Work preparation CAD-CAM

The technical design and adaptation of customer data to our production processes is the main task of this department, which is the heart of our production. 16 employees work here, with CAD programs such as Autocad, Signus and Optiscout.

Letter making METAL

This department has a production capacity of 650 letters per day. We process aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and Corten steel. The letter frames fixture is carried out by four CNC-controlled frame machines, which were developed inhouse.

Sheet metal processing

Pylon covers, fascia strips, casing, profile 1 banners and special constructions are manufactured here with the help of laser cutting machines, CNC punching and nibbling machines, CNC rolling machines as well as breaking form presses and bending machines.


Substructures for lettering, constructions and masts for pylons and monuments, rotary drives for all types of advertising structures, load distribution constructions or steel profiles of all kinds are produced here with absolute precision and millimetre accuracy.

Aluminium metalworking shop

Here we process aluminium profiles into pylons, illuminated transparencies of all types, channel cloth transparencies, banner transparencies, banner letters, substructures for lettering, suspensions and much more.

Plastics processing

Our plastics department has the most extensive CNC department within our company and only uses acrylic glass from well-known European manufacturers. We use four milling machines from aircraft construction and two laser cutting machines.

Surface technology

In order to meet the legal environmental protection requirements and the qualitative requirements of our customers, we use a fully automatic powder coating system, which creates cutting-edge surfaces with a wide variety of structures.

Sign painting

This department deals with film work and prints of all kinds. Whether leaf gilding or burnishing, we still practice old craftsmanship here.

LED and electronics department

Despite the simplicity of current LED products, the installation of electronic lighting components is a constant challenge. We work together with our LED supplier CHIPLITE and use products which are optimally tailored to the needs of our customers.