• About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.

  • About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.

  • About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.

  • About us

    We are Menden Buchstaben

    Experience is our foundation, advice is our path and satisfied customers are our goal.


Signage solutions are becoming increasingly complex

We recognise that it is becoming increasingly difficult for our customers to finance the personnel, equipment and materials required to fully service their clients diverse signage requirements. As a trade supplier we can address this issue for you. We offer valuable and reliable advice from pre production specifications through to production techniques at the very highest level.

We view ourselves as an extension to your business and thanks to many years of experience we have specialists in every area of sign making.

Our approach and resources allow us to offer 360 degree thinking which in turn delivers flexible, robust  and cost effective solutions to ensure that you, our customers, remain competitive.

Industry 4.0

Perfect craftsmanship and cutting edge technology

Individual custom made products still account for the majority of our production output. The integration of the production of single units into the production of volume units allows us to get your sign into production quickly and provide you with the lead time that you require.

Industry 4.0 is the term used to describe the integration of automation into our businesses. Even traditional crafts such as those used in the signage industry will become further digitised and here at Menden we have build our factory is such a way that the new automated and digital processes can be woven into our manual and traditional processes.

Our investment in automated and digital processes is designed to ensure that quality standards and efficiency are optimised and consistent. This in turn will ensure that you maintain the highest possible level of competitiveness and client confidence.


Our services

The diversity of our production departments demonstrates all that is special about the craft of sign making. With such a large facility one of our biggest challenges is the combination of sequential and/or parallel production across all departments to ensure maximum efficiency and effective lead times.

Work preparation CAD-CAM

The technical design and adaptation of customer data to our production processes is the main task of this department, which is the heart of our production. 16 employees work here, with CAD programs such as Autocad, Signus and Optiscout.

Letter making METAL

This department has a production capacity of 650 letters per day. We work with aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and Corten steel etc. The letter profiles are developed by one of our four CNC letter making machines which were developed in house.

Sheet processing METAL

Cladding for pylons, fascia panels, projecting sign casings and bespoke constructions are manufactured here with the assistance of laser cutters, CNC brake presses, punches, guillotines and rollers.


Roof mounted, fascia fitted or free standing substructures for lettering, pylons, monuments and projecting signs. Rotary drives for rotating signs, root cages, load distribution frames and steel profiles of al kinds are produced here with absolute precision and millimetre accuracy.

We can undertake structural calculations on your behalf and strongly recommend that all steelwork exposed to the elements is hot dip galvanised.

Metalworking ALUMINIUM

Here we process aluminium extrusions/profiles for a multitude of applications:

  • Pylons & Monuments
  • Fascia & Projecting signs
  • Sign cases for PVC & Fabric skins both illuminated & non illuminated
  • Banner Frames
  • Substructures for individual letters and much more
Sheet processing ACRYLIC

Our acrylic department has the most extensive range of CNC equipment within our company and only uses acrylic sheet from certified European suppliers. Our four CNC milling machines are from the aircraft construction industry.

Individual acrylic letters are formed using bespoke moulding tools manufactured to precise dimensions in our metal department.

Surface Finishing POWDER & PAINT

Our powder coating and paint processes meet the highest possible environmental standards. We use a fully automated powder coating system which creates a sector leading surface finish across a wide variety of products and materials.


Here we deal with a vast variety of vinyl film and digital print. We still also practice traditional crafts such as gold & silver leaf gilding.


Despite the apparent simplicity of the current LED products the correct installation of LEDs remains a constant challenge and a vital component of a quality product. We work together with our LED supplier CHIPLITE and use products which are optimally tailored to the task in hand and the requirements of our customers.