The new profile generation

  • MBX

    The new profile generation

  • MBX

    The new profile generation


Customised innovation

  • Available as indoor, outdoor and IP65 version
  • Industrial production guarantees the highest quality of workmanship
  • Short delivery times and a five-year warranty on all MBX letters
  • Two-year warranty on all MBX LED modules
  • LED modules with high-quality Chiplite SMD technology


Thought through from A to Z

Straight, flat and filigree letters required special fastening techniques, because they cannot handle traditional solid fastening solutions. As an alternatively, we recommend a 5 mm thick aluminium base plate, which is laser cut in the letter form and creates filigree transitions between the letters. The ceiling and wall fastenings are also cut out of the base plate. The wiring is invisible with flat ribbon cables.


A direct wall or panel fastening is made using special stainless steel bolts.


A live plug connection is realised via various RCA plugs. This is only recommended for indoor applications.


With U-profile stable cable channels in the dimensions 10/10, 15/15 or 20/20, the letters are prefabricated ready for assembly.


MBX lettering, which only receives one base rail, we offer filigree fishbone designs in the dimensions 25/25 and 30/30.


These aluminium profiles measuring 10 x 12 mm offer a cost-effective, filigree and cable-free connection between the letters.

MBX presents itself anew time and again

Whether indoor, outdoor or IP65, whether direct light emission to the front or to the side, big or small: MBX gives your creativity free rein. Talk to us about the solution that suits you best. We show you a small selection of conceivable configurations.


Light emission Front

Back panel Aluminium sheet


Light emission Front/side frame

Back panel Aluminium sheet

You can rely on MBX

Anyone who walks through the pedestrian zone will see it at first glance: Illuminated relief letters are standard elements of illuminated advertising and are an indispensable part of the communication repertoire of today’s companies. And yet, it is especially true that: Profile does not equal profile. The new MBX profile doesn’t change everything, but very decisive criteria have been optimised. Up until now, optimum light distribution in extremely flat relief letters was achieved through the encapsulation of carefully placed LED modules in a clear mass.

The disadvantage: poor heat dissipation and above all no access: Maintenance and replacement of permanently encapsulated LED modules was not possible. It was necessary to find ways to avoid having to dispose of such high quality products after a few years. Together with customers and partners, we have now developed a profile system in which casting compound can be avoided.

After a development phase of more than 2 years and numerous endurance tests, this system is now perfected down to the last detail: the Menden MBX profile. MBX is available as an indoor, outdoor and IP65 version. The easily accessible placement of the 12 volt LED modules allows easy maintenance and excellent heat dissipation.

The luminance can be varied according to the purpose of use e.g. in shopping centres, up to 3,000 cd/m². Sensitive areas with prescribed low luminance levels can also be covered by the combination of warm white LED modules and precisely matched acrylic glass. New fastening techniques were developed also especially for MBX.

And: MBX relief letters are 100% recyclable. Menden guarantees to take items back for free and feed them into the recycling process.


The future of illuminated advertising


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